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Selection Factors and Definition of Warmer Water Bag

The water bag is made of non-toxic, odorless, transparent, soft latex or polyethylene injection molding. It can be placed in any gap in the backpack during mountaineering, cycling, and outdoor travel. It is easy to fill, easy to drink, and easy to carry. Soft and comfortable; antibacterial material is added to the water bag so that it can be used many times. The nozzle of the water bag is very important. It should be easy to open and close when necessary, one-handed operation or tooth opening. The safety and non-toxicity of the water bag must be the first priority.

Selection of water nozzle: The water nozzle of the water bag is very important. It must be easy to open and close, one-handed operation or teeth opening. Similarly, the pressure resistance when the faucet is closed must also be ensured. I once saw a friend’s depressing water bag, the water nozzle was so poorly sealed that the water pipe had to be tied up every time it was transported, otherwise the water would run out of the water nozzle after the backpack was stacked.

Water bag hanging ring: Many backpacks have water bag compartments, but it is recommended to hang up the water bag as much as possible if possible. The first is to avoid the water bag moving back and forth in the bag, which will increase unnecessary physical exertion, and the transfer center will also slightly affect The feeling of being burdened.

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