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How the Electric Mosquito Pat works

The circuit of the electric mosquito swatter is mainly composed of three parts: a high-frequency oscillation circuit, a triple voltage rectification circuit, and a high-voltage shock net DW. When the power switch SB is pressed, the high-frequency oscillator composed of the triode VT and the transformer T is energized to work, turning the 3V direct current into a high-frequency alternating current of about 18kHz, which is boosted to about 800V by T (discharge distance estimation), and then After diodes, VD2-VD4 and capacitors C1-C3 triple voltage rectification, it is raised to about 2500V, and then added to the metal mesh DW of the mosquito swatter. When mosquitoes and flies touch the high-voltage power grid, the insects cause a short circuit in the power grid, and they will be burnt, stunned, or killed by electric current and electric arc.

In the circuit, the light-emitting diode VD1 and the current-limiting resistor R1 form an indicator circuit, which is used to indicate the on-off state of the circuit and display the power consumption of the battery. Transistor VT uses a 2N5609 silicon NPN mid-power triode, and it can also be replaced by commonly used triodes such as 8050 and 9013. VD1 uses φ3mm red light-emitting diodes, and VD2-VD4 uses 1N4007 silicon rectifier diodes.

R1 ~ R3 all use metal film resistors. C1~C3 all use high-voltage capacitors (greater than 2kv), and SB uses 6mm×6mm vertical miniature tact switches. G is made of two No. 5 dry batteries connected in series (with a plastic battery holder), and the voltage is 3V.

High-frequency transformer T must be self-made: use EE19 type ferrite core and supporting plastic skeleton (six pins), L1 is wound with φ0.22mm enameled wire for 22 turns, L2 is wound with the same size wire for 8 turns, L3 is wound with φ0.07mm enameled wire About 2000 turns.

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