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Features of Electric Hot Water Bag

1. What are the advantages of an electric hot water bottle?

1. The use of an electric hot water bottle can promote the effect of sleep. The hot water bottle is placed on the back of the cervical spine, which can play a hypnotic role.

2. The electric hot water bottle can be used repeatedly. It only needs to be charged for about 10 minutes to have a long-term warm-keeping effect. After the heat dissipates, it can continue to be repeatedly heated by charging.

3. The heating of the electric hot water bottle can achieve the function of hyperthermia. Under low-temperature conditions in winter, the application of this product can not only achieve the heating effect of various parts but also achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue. It has a certain pain relief effect for some common ailments such as frozen shoulder and abdominal pain.

4. Applying an electric hot water bottle to the feet can help relax the nerves. The temperature of the hot water bottle stimulates the liver meridian and relieves the mental depression caused by liver qi stagnation. In addition, the hot water bottle can also help to relax tired feet.

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